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Building a New Home?

Building a new home requires a building permit which can be obtained at the City Office. If you have questions on permits please contact us.

Gary Kerr – Building Official – 801-737-2214 – Email Gary Kerr
Bruce Higley – Public Works Inspector / Code Enforcement – 801-737-9831 – Email Bruce Higley
Sue Richey – Office Manager / Business Licenses – 801-737-2213 – Email Sue Richey

Building Department Fax – 801-737-2217

Our mission is to protect the safety and health of North Ogden citizens by providing code compliance review of construction plans and providing inspection of commercial, residential and business properties for compliance to City building and licensing ordinances.

The Building Department issues permits for new construction, additions to and remodeling of existing buildings and structures. We inspect permitted work for conformance with approved plans and the appropriate codes. As part of the permit process, our department reviews submitted plans to assure compliance with adopted codes, which include building, electrical, mechanical, energy, and plumbing codes. The goal for completing the initial review of submitted plans for residential development is 3-5 working days after the date of submittal. For commercial development it takes approximately 5-10 working days.


The State of Utah and North Ogden City has adopted model codes published by the International Codes Council (ICC). The current editions of these codes include: The 2012 International Building Code, the 2012 International Residential Code, the 2012 Energy Conservation Code, the 2009 International Plumbing Code, the 2012 International Mechanical Code, the 2012 International Fuel Gas Code, the 2012 National Electrical Code and the 2012 International Fire Code. North Ogden City uses the fee schedule listed in the 1997 Uniform Administrative Code. Design criteria to be considered in North Ogden City are: Seismic E – Wind Speed 90 mph, Exposure C. Ground snow load varies from 43-50 pounds in areas up to 5,000 feet in elevation. Elevations above 5,000 feet require an engineered design. Footing frost depth is a minimum of 30 inches. The weathering condition applicable to North Ogden is considered severe and the winter design temperature is 8 degrees. All plans for new commercial structures, additions to or structural remodels of commercial buildings, and non-structural remodels over 3,000 square feet in area require a stamp or seal by a State licensed professional. Most repairs or alterations require a building, plumbing, electrical or mechanical permit, including remodeling, new additions, re-roofing and siding, electrical remodeling, plumbing replacement, furnace and air conditioning replacement, etc. State law requires that a contractor/owner obtain necessary permits and have required inspections.


Building Permit Fees

The fees for new construction building permits are based on the value of the work as determined by the Building Official. The calculation is based on square foot costs, and the fee schedule is based on Table 3-A of the 1997 Uniform Administrative Code.

Plan Review Fee

For commercial development, this could be a maximum of 65% of the Building Permit Fee. For a residential permit, this could be a maximum of 50% of the Building Permit Fee. Where do I get a permit? Building permits are issued at the North Ogden Municipal Building located at 505 East 2600 North, just south of the city library. To process a commercial building permit you need three complete sets of plans and specifications (residential permit requires only two sets of plans) containing the following information as a minimum:

1. Site and plot plan (8 ½ x 11 size)

2. Footing and foundation plan

3. Floor plan for each floor

4. Elevations (front, side, and rear views)

5. Construction details, cross section, & stair detail (please call our office if we can assist you with this)

6. Plumbing, electrical, and mechanical layouts

7. An energy analysis report showing that the building complies with the current edition of the Model Energy Code

8. All new residential and commercial plans must be stamped by a Utah State Licensed Engineer

9. Receipt for payment of secondary water


How long does it take to get a permit?

Permit issuance periods vary. Some projects can be fully permitted over-the-counter; meaning a return trip won’t be needed. Some projects, however, require that plans be left for additional review.

What about zoning?

Zoning governs, within a defined area, the types of buildings and their use. Zoning is regulated based on the General Plan adopted by North Ogden City. Some questions and approvals for zoning can be issued over-the-counter by the same staff that reviews your building plans. Others need reviews by specialty zoning or planning staff. Planning information may be obtained by calling (801) 737-2216. Can I do the work myself? Homeowners may be issued permits to perform any work on their own single-family residence in which they reside.

What about a contractor?

The City requires that you deal only with a contractor licensed by the State of Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing [DOPL]. Their telephone number is (801)-530-6628 if you need further information.

What about inspections?

The permit holder needs to call for inspections at specific times during the construction. We require 24 hours notice on all inspections. The following are the inspections that are required in North Ogden City.

* Sewer and water service lines: When the lines are installed from the road to the structure before the excavation is covered
* Footing: When excavation is complete, the forms and reinforcement steel are in place but before any concrete is poured
* Foundation: When forms and reinforcing steel are in place, but before any concrete is poured
* Underground/Under slab: When underground plumbing and heating is in place but before the pipes are buried and the floor slab is poured
* Rough 4-way: When the wiring, plumbing and heating are installed and the framing is complete.  4-way inspection includes the following:

  • Framing: When all roof, walls, floor framing, fire stopping, and bracing are complete
  • Electrical: Rough wiring: Before any part of the work is concealed
  • Plumbing Inspection: Rough plumbing: Before any part of the work is concealed
  • Heating and Refrigeration Inspection: Rough heating and refrigeration: Before any part of the work is concealed

* Power to panel: Electrical meter is placed and ready to be hooked up
* Sheetrock/drywall: After nailing and before taping of required firewalls and braced walls
* Flashing: Before or after the 4-way; before any brick or stucco is installed on a foundation ledge
* Final Inspection: When all work is completed and prior to the home being occupied

Should you have any questions regarding these inspections, you may contact our Building Inspectors at 801-737-9839 or 801-737-2214.